Michael O'Loughlin Inside the Sydney Swans

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Michael:I was drafted to the Sydney Swans at the end of 1994. I was homesick at first, but i concentrated on training hard and I played some games in the senior team in '95. I've been with the Swans for ten years now. it's a full-time job. We train hard all week and we're hungry to win a premiership. We've been in a grand final but we've never won one. The Swans weren't always a Sydney team. They came from South Melbourne in 1982. We still have fans there who come to our games. I was in 1984 Draft and was picked No 40  Sydney Swans. Swans coach and team staff meet together every day to plan strategies to win games. They discuss the players, fitness status, who's in rehab, how we're going at training and everything that can influence our game. 

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