Accessibility Statement

The web development team have gone to considerable efforts to ensure that core website content is accessible by earlier versions of web browsers, text browsers and particularly assistive browsers for visitors with a disability.
This website can be displayed as a text only version and provides comprehensive access to our online material. You can access the text version of any page that you're on by clicking the text only version link, which is found at the bottom of every page.

Currently this site is optimised for viewing with browsers Internet Explorer versions 6 and above and Mozilla Firefox. If you have an earlier version of either of these browsers or use another browser you can still access site content via the text version.

In addition other accessibility options such as a site map and a print page version have been provided to assist users in navigating through the site and in the printing of website content. These are located at the bottom of every page.

In the future it is planned to continue this approach by considering accessibility options in every new resource or page that is featured on this website. As new standards emerge we will also commit to make every effort to make this website accessible to as many people as possible.

Text Sizes

Our website is designed to cooperate with a visitors' own preferences regarding font sizing and other style settings, and should also be accessible to users of screen readers.

To change the font size in most browsers:

Go to "View" > "Text Size"

To change the font size with the keyboard:

Increase: Press "ctrl +"
Decrease: Press "ctrl -"
Reset to default: "ctrl 0"