General Visitor Information

Tourist Attractions

Driving the Great Central Road section of the Outback Way traversing the middle of the Shire is a great eco-tourism experience passing through the Rawlinson Range, Walter James Ranges, and Gill Pinnacle. Other sites along the way are Beadell's Tree and Giles Meteorological Station. Tjulyuru Cultural & Civic Centre displays some of the finest Aboriginal art in Australia.


The key rule when taking photographs on the Ngaanyatjarra Lands is to always ask first. Yarnangu do not generally object to being photographed when they are in a close working relationship with people.  However for cultural reasons, some people – particularly older people - may object. In some instances people may tire of constantly being a popular photographic subject and may even tire of being asked. They may respond to your request with the word "wanti" meaning to leave alone. On other occasions however people may be disappointed if you haven't brought your camera along to some important social outing or event. Be aware that people will request copies of the photos you take of them for their own personal albums, so remember to get doubles.

Landscape photography may not be allowed for cultural reasons (eg. sacred sites).  Again, the best policy is to consult with the chairperson or other acknowledged leaders in the community about your proposals. Professional photographers must have a legal Agreement with the Council if they wish to take and publish photos. Permission must also be obtained if amateur photographers wish to have photos published.