Road Condition Report

ROAD REPORT - Monday 30 January 2023 1130hrs all roads open to all traffic.

Travel Through Ngaanyatjarra Lands Not Permitted Without Approved Access Permit

Contact Ngaanyatjarra Council Aboriginal Corporation for PERMIT STATUS

If you require further clarification please contact Ngaanyatjarra Council Office on 08 8950 1711

The Next Update Will Be When Conditions change.

Don't Forget To Visit The Warta Shop And The Tjulyuru Regional Gallery In The Shire Complex Whilst In Warburton Or The Warakurna Art Gallery In Warakurna Giles!

Changing weather conditions & traffic volumes can adversely affect road surfaces, please drive carefully at all times.

Please note that all major roads within the Shire are a combination of formed dirt & gravel.

Visitors to the region must obtain a permit prior to travel in the area.

For Main Roads WA, South Australia & NT Road reports click here for Links.

For specific roads please refer to the current information below or contact us.

Authorised By, David Mosel - General Manager Operations

Road Road Status
Great Central Road
Laverton – Tjukayirla R/House - Shire of Laverton Boundary           Please contact the Shire of Laverton on 9031 1202 for current conditions
Great Central Road - Laverton Shire Border into Warburton           Open To All Traffic
Great Central Road - Warburton to Warakurna Open To All Traffic
Great Central Road - Warakurna to NT Border Open To All Traffic
NT Border to Yulara Contact NT Roads On 1800 246 199
Mantamaru Road (Great Central Road to Jameson) Open To All Traffic
Irrunytju Road (Great Central Road to Papulankutja intersection) Open To All Traffic
Irrunytju Road (Papulankutja intersection to SA Border) Open To All Traffic
Papulankutja Road (Warburton To Irrunytju Road)   
Warburton – Jameson Open To All Traffic
Jameson – Blackstone  Open To All Traffic
Blackstone – Irrunytju intersection Open To All Traffic
Community Access Roads              
Kanpa Road  Open To All Traffic
Tjirrkarli Road Open To All Traffic
Patjarr Road Open To All Traffic
Wanarn Road Open To All Traffic
Tjukurla Road Open To All Traffic
Wingellina Road Open To All Traffic

Please see below a map of the road network maintained by the Shire

Distances between Communities (km)
Blackstone Patjarr Tjirrkarli Tjukurla Warburton Wanarn Warakurna Wingellina
Blackstone 405 330 380 205 175 235 75
Patjarr 405 355 575 230 330 395 480
Tjirrkarli 330 355 540 125 295 360 405
Tjukurla 380 575 540 415 275 180 330
Warburton 205 230 125 415 170 235 280
Wanarn 175 330 295 275 170 105 250
Warakurna 235 395 360 180 235 105 185
Wingellina 75 480 405 330 280 250 185
  1. These distances are provided as a guide only, please confirm distances yourself before travelling.
  2. The above distances are approximates only, the Great Central Road (Outback Highway) and other community roads are subject to road realignments which may vary the distances.

*Helpful Travel Tips For Gravel Roads

  • Look well ahead on the road for possible trouble spots, eg water can pool on the road after heavy rain in some locations, but generally is well drained.
  • Watch for rising dust in the distance as this generally indicates other vehicle using the road too.
  • Drive to the conditions at the time.
  • Enjoy your surrounds and do not speed, slow down on bends and crests.
  • Corrugations can cause a vehicle to slide.
  • Stay off the edge of the road as they often soft and will drag your vehicle off the road.
  • When a section of road is covered by water it is generally safest to pass through the centre of the road as it generally the hardest section of the road and you are less likely to get your vehicle bogged.