Customer Service Charter

CEO Statement

The Shire knows that the community values good customer service. Our aim is to give you the best service we can. This Customer Service Charter tells you what you can expect from us, what you need to know about your responsibilities and how to let us know if we are doing well or if we could do better. It also tells you about how we keep an eye on ourselves by measuring whether we are meeting our commitments to you.

We value your opinion and want to hear what you think about the quality of our service. We want to know about the things you like about us and if you have any suggestions about how and where we could do better. We also want to hear from you if you have a complaint, as your experience can help us to improve our service to you and to others. The Shire is also committed to the aims and objectives of the Public interest disclosure act 2003. It recognises the value and importance of contributions of staff to enhance administrative and management practices and strongly supports disclosure being made by staff as to corrupt or other improper conduct.

The Shire does not tolerate any of its officers, employees or contractors engaging in acts of victimisation or reprisal against those who make public interest disclosures.

Our Values

We have a strong commitment to showing that we value excellence in customer service, innovation, continuous improvement, integrity, respect and team spirit.

At all times we will endeavour to:

  • Provide you with prompt, courteous, friendly and professional service;
  • Treat you respectfully, as we ourselves would wish to be treated;
  • Listen carefully and identify your needs;
  • Respond to your reasonable individual needs and expectations;
  • Accept responsibility for the timely processing of your business;
  • Provide you with answers to enquiries or make arrangements for the enquiries to be addressed;
  • Keep in contact with you so that you are informed of the progress of an issue;
  • Fully explain decisions or Council’s position on all issues raised, in our reply to you;
  • View your feedback as an opportunity to improve our services, and
  • Review the situation as circumstances change.
  • A copy of our Customer Service Charter can be found here