"Eagle Man and Two Wives" by Myra Richards

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"Eagle Man and Two Wives" by Myra Richards

This painting is about the dreaming story of the Eagle man and his two wives; The Crow and the White Cockatoo. They all used to go out bush hunting, the wives looked for bush tucker such as witchetty grubs, honey ants, yellow berries, quandong and other berries, while the Eagle man used to spear kangaroos, rabbits and turkeys. The Crow was jealous of the White Cockatoo because the Eagle man only ate what the Cockatoo fed him.

Artist Myra Richards
Language Ngaanyatjarra / Warburton
Medium Acrylic on cotton canvas
Size 92 x 62.5 cm
Title "Eagle Man and Two Wives "
Date November 2019


Each painting includes a certificate of authenticity which comprises the artists photos (with his/her permission)