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Seven Sisters by Betty West

AUD 132.00 each

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Artist:              Betty West
Title:                Seven Sisters
Language:      Ngaanyatjarra
Medium:          Acrylic on cotton canvas
Size:                50.5x27 cm
Date:               December 2020

This painting is about the dreaming story of the Kungkarrangkalpa (Seven Sisters). There are different versions of this story that explain the journeys of the great ancestral beings around the deserts in Western Australia. This time, the artist wanted to represent the Seven Sisters collecting bust tucker near Wanarn.


Each painting includes a certificate of authenticity which comprises the artist's photo (with his/her permission)


About the artist
Betty West was born in Warburton in the late 1940’s. During her childhood she attended Warburton Mission School. Betty still lives in the Ranges with her husband and family. Betty started painting in the early 1980’s and her works are included in number of collections throughout Australia including the Warburton Acrylic Collection and many private collections.