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Still in the Bush

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Still in the Bush

by Len Beadell

Laden with trig poles, theodolites - and porridge - Beadell and his team built roads, laid out town sites and undertook an enormous survey programme in order to prepare a test launching area in one of the most isolated parts of the world. The problems ranged from taking astrofixes in a cloudy sky and becoming surrounded by a sea of red mud, to patching a bald spot on a pet joey. All were solved by using those two most necessary ingredients of life in the bush - ingenuity and imagination. Len Beadell's descriptions of the countryside, the adventures the team experienced, and the Australian bush characters they encountered are by turns illuminating and hilarious. His high-spirited account of the work that had to be done "before they called it Woomera" makes vivid and entertaining reading.

Edition:        illustrated, reprint

Published:   New Holland Publishers, 1975

Language:   English

ISBN:            9781864367836